Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I be hyde park living

So today I learned that the British are the most stupid people in the world. I'm not kidding when I said I went to 6 different banks today to get a bank account and was denied from every single one of them. Seems if you have money and you have a passport, three months of your bank statements, a letter from your work saying you have work, and you left arm you still can't get a bank account. So now what I'm doing is I'm paying 35 founds to an acency to get me an account, I fully would have paid more just so I could get an account. Talk about totally pissing me off......grrrr..

So the good news of the day is I got up early and went for a run in Hyde park. I think I'm going to get a tent and move there...another story all together. After Sonja and I got back from our runs at the pimpin hyde park we went looking for a place to live. I'll replay the action for you:

8:50: Calling a renting agency "Dude we wanna see this place"
-Sorry its taken
-Dude how about this place
-Sorry its taken
-What you kiddin me rightf???
-Nope but this really nice one came on the market today do you want to see it
-Where is it located?
-2 minute walk to Hyde park
-(Split second thought....check pants make sure no crap in it) much
-300 pounds a week
-Ah......(can we afford that) sure we can check that place out?
-Sure how long til you can be there? Cause it'll be gone by the end of the day?
-half an hour
-I'll me you there

Sonja and I head over and its totally sweet. I'll send pictures when I get my computer online. So we are locked in and we now have to fork over 2600 pounds by friday!!!! How can we pull this off I don't have a bank account!!! Good thing Sonja's brother is going to lend us some bling...yikes

OK that was the good thing and the other good thing was I got a cell phone. One thought....I hate these things and I hope I don't get testy cancer.

OK I'm going to bed.

Monday, August 29, 2005

London Baby

So Sonja and I have made it to London and wow I can't believe we left our good jobs to move to Lodon and find new jobs. I've been lucky that my work is keeping me on but poor Sonja doesn't have anything lined up yet. We are staying with her brother in his massively small apartment that he pays a massive amount for. We have had two super nice bbq's at his place and today we didn't get much done on our living situation because today was a stupid bank holiday. So tomorrow Tuesday we will be seeing two apartments and getting a bank account and a cell phone. Yikes.... me no like phones because....well thats a new blog but I'm being called.


Monday, August 22, 2005

Bust'n a move

Bust'n a move
Bust'n a move,
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I'll have more to post about this subject laster on but one comment about Friday night. It was styling like the people in the picture.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Longest run so far

So today, Sunday August 14th was my longest run that I have ever done. Yes I am a serious runner but today was the first time I have ever crossed the two hour mark. Normally middle distance runners in our program don't do that many km's in cross country season but since I'm moving away from my current coach I thought it would be fun to try something new out. So I've introduced whats known as the uber long run. For the next couple of weeks I am attempting to bring my Sunday long run up to 2 half hours easy running. Today Kris Swanson, Sean, and myself went from Thetis (said Tee-tass) lake around Camosun Interuban and back for a grand total of 2.05 hours and one massively tried group of runners. The slurpee was by far the highlight of the day, it totally capped off a great morning long run. The rest of the day consisted of my getting my book on India and heading to the beach. Let me break down for you what the beach was like, read for 10 minutes, close eyes and fall asleep for 45 minutes, wake, eat some food, sleep, wake and leave.

Time to watch track on TV. Go for the gold Gary Reed (I know the results but I can't bring myself to blog it yet)

West Coast Life

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You know I really love Victoria and I am very sad to leave it here but one must go on and try new things. One of the things that I will be attempting over the next couple of weeks is telacommuting from London to Victoria. This will be new to me and I'm not really sure how it will work. I do know that my work enviroment is going to become even chill'r then it currently is. I mean I can easily go to work in shorts and a t-shirt but at work you can't sit around in your undies and code. Well with this telacommunity thing I'm sure I'll be able to sit down at my desk (might be my bed) and code away in my tightie whities. Wait I don't wear tighties so I guess I'll have to go commando. Wait I do have roomates so I guess thats out of the question as well.

The new work hours in London are totally sweet, only 32 hours a week. Thats almost nothing. I'm sure though that I'll easily be doing that much work while I'm over there. I am the only technical guy over in Europe so if we actually make any sales over there I'm the one they will be falling on to help them out. This is a great chance to travel Europe on the companies pennies, wait I should throw down a "Bling, Bling" here.

What I really will miss though is the real west coast life style and the great scenery here in victoria. A prime example of this is the picture on my blog today. Sonja, my crazy gf, took while tide pooling at botanical beach. What is tide pooling? Well its kinda what us geeks do when 4 of us get together and talk computer talk but for some reason tide pooling sounds geekier. Ah only 5 more working days in Canada then two weeks off and then I start my work in London, yikes!!!

West coast 4 life yo.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fire Storm

So at work the other day I was asked to download this program called Fire storm which takes your database and reverse engineers it into pojo's and hiberante DAO's. I was like sweet a new technology that I can learn and add to my toolbox. So I happly download it and get the really nice installer to run. I start running the software against our database. It pulls out the 122 tables and shows all the possible finder methods for each object. At this point in the GUI the user is able to add their own finders, I think this is where you can really extend the tool and get the most out of the tool. For each column in the database Fire Storm creates a finder for so before you even add anything there are already a number of finders to help you out. Here I am happily trying out the evaluation copy thinking that it will allow me to fully reverse engineer my database and create all the DAO's and Hibernate mappings. Fully it doesn't!!! Well of course the eval copy won't allow me to fully reverse engineer my data model because if it did why would I purchase the software because all I would have to do is download it anytime I wanted to reverse engineer my database.

I can fully understand why they would have a restrictive licence on their product but dude come, on help a brother out. How the heck am I supposed to reverse engineer my database and fully try this system out. Oh well I guess I could actually download middlegen and attempt to use that on our database seeing as that seems to be the open source version of firestorm.
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