Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Day run

Hey Everyone,

Well this Christmas I convinced Sonja that we should go to Morocco instead of going back to Canada to visit our families. Well last year I invited people to join me on a Christmas day run and once again I did the same thing. So below is a list of what everyone did on their run:

Sonja and Glenn
Location: Essaouira, Morocco
Time: 10:30 am after a really nice lie in

After waking up late Sonja and I slipped on our runners and headed out the door. Morocco is a Muslim country which means Sonja had to be fully covered even though it was a warm 23 degrees Celsius. We ran for 45 minutes on the beach and then came home and had a nice breakfast followed by the rest of the day laying around on the beach. We had a wonderful Christmas meal of seafood and more seafood and no turkey.

My Mom
Location: Victoria, Canada
Time: 10’ish

It was a beautiful mild day in Victoria, no wind or rain and mainly blue
skies. I went for a run by myself around Cedar Hill Golf Course. I was
being lazy and only went around the course 2 times and my time was 49.29
minutes. It was a nice and relaxed run, I was watching the ducks on the
ponds and saying good morning to the other runners and walkers. While I
was running Dad was playing golf on the same golf course.

Felice Griffiths
Location: Miracle Beach, Canada
Time: ???

oooh, i slacked off on my run report. I did go, managed to get out of my
pjs and haul my ass out of the house. I went down to Miracle beach park, my
favorite place to run when im at home. Did 2 easy laps of the campground
and trails, 30 minutes then it was back home for turkey, yummmmm.

I am still awaiting responses from some of the other runners out there so hopefully I’ll be able to add to this blog later in the week.




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