Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fire Storm

So at work the other day I was asked to download this program called Fire storm which takes your database and reverse engineers it into pojo's and hiberante DAO's. I was like sweet a new technology that I can learn and add to my toolbox. So I happly download it and get the really nice installer to run. I start running the software against our database. It pulls out the 122 tables and shows all the possible finder methods for each object. At this point in the GUI the user is able to add their own finders, I think this is where you can really extend the tool and get the most out of the tool. For each column in the database Fire Storm creates a finder for so before you even add anything there are already a number of finders to help you out. Here I am happily trying out the evaluation copy thinking that it will allow me to fully reverse engineer my database and create all the DAO's and Hibernate mappings. Fully it doesn't!!! Well of course the eval copy won't allow me to fully reverse engineer my data model because if it did why would I purchase the software because all I would have to do is download it anytime I wanted to reverse engineer my database.

I can fully understand why they would have a restrictive licence on their product but dude come, on help a brother out. How the heck am I supposed to reverse engineer my database and fully try this system out. Oh well I guess I could actually download middlegen and attempt to use that on our database seeing as that seems to be the open source version of firestorm.


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