Monday, September 04, 2006

Back to blogging

Well I’m finally back to blogging again after a long summer of not that many blogs. I am going to attempt to blog every week with all the workouts that I did the past week in an attempt to keep a training partner informed on what exactly I am doing. The tentative plan right now is for me to post all my workouts online and if he agrees with what I am doing then he won’t complain too much as he will be doing something very similar.

A lot has happened in the month of July, Sonja and I moved out of our flat with our roommate Tanya and moved into a very nice newer flat with just the two of us. Sonja spent a month traveling Greece and Croatia while I was in Canada leaving the company that I was with for three and half years and joining a new company. I start my new job on September 11th so hopefully that is a good sign instead of a bad one. Sonja goes back to teaching on Monday of next week so hopefully things go well for her as she is in the same school that she was in last year and she really enjoyed it so hopefully that will continue for one more year.

Sonja and I are planning on racing at the end of September in the Windsor half marathon. Neither Sonja nor I are particularly fit so I suspect that neither of us will be very pleased with our time. I guess that is what happens when you gallivant around the world. One really nice thing about this new job is that I won’t have to do any traveling and it is only twenty five minute run from home to the jobsite. The plan right now is to run to and from work as this is cheaper and fitter then taking the tube. As long as I can get a locker at work I do not for see any problems with running to work and back, I picked up a really nice running backpack that can store 20L of stuff so that should barely fit my lunch and some clothes.
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