Sunday, August 14, 2005

Longest run so far

So today, Sunday August 14th was my longest run that I have ever done. Yes I am a serious runner but today was the first time I have ever crossed the two hour mark. Normally middle distance runners in our program don't do that many km's in cross country season but since I'm moving away from my current coach I thought it would be fun to try something new out. So I've introduced whats known as the uber long run. For the next couple of weeks I am attempting to bring my Sunday long run up to 2 half hours easy running. Today Kris Swanson, Sean, and myself went from Thetis (said Tee-tass) lake around Camosun Interuban and back for a grand total of 2.05 hours and one massively tried group of runners. The slurpee was by far the highlight of the day, it totally capped off a great morning long run. The rest of the day consisted of my getting my book on India and heading to the beach. Let me break down for you what the beach was like, read for 10 minutes, close eyes and fall asleep for 45 minutes, wake, eat some food, sleep, wake and leave.

Time to watch track on TV. Go for the gold Gary Reed (I know the results but I can't bring myself to blog it yet)


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