Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Training March 27-April 1

This week I really put in four really long days and three really easy days but I think it seemed to work out pretty well. I fly home on Friday and I’ll be in Victoria by 9pm on Friday night and I hope to workout with someone on Saturday but I haven’t figured out who that is yet. The weeks workout went as follows:

Monday: 52 minutes easy running
Tuesday:32 minutes to the track, 8*600m with 200m jog all around 1:44-46 then 35 minutes home
Wednesday:32 minutes easy
Thursday: 32 minutes to the track, 8*200m with 70sec rest all between 28-9 then 35 minutes home. First 200m was 26sec.
Friday: 45 minutes very easy
Saturday: 54 minutes to the park, 8*850 meter park with 90 seconds rest, 58 minutes home. This was a huge mileage day.
Sunday: 90 minutes very easy.

Total km count: 110km

Saturday was way longer then I really expected but it was a good workout. The only problem with Saturday was the fact that it was on park field and everyone was in spikes and I was in my trainers. It rains a lot in UK so I didn’t have the best of luck on the grass.
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