Monday, May 29, 2006

Frankfurt on a normal wednesday night

Ok I haven’t blogged for a while but I haven’t had a good story in a long time so finally I’ve got a good couple of stories for everyone. So last week Frank (a guy I work with who just happens to be a tall German) and myself flew over to Frankfurt to do this massive install at one of the most important clients that our company has landed. Franky is a goof ball and most of you know I’m the same so we’ve been working our butts off trying to make sure this install goes well but Thursday was a holiday in Germany so this meant that we had Wednesday to go out.

You should be thinking man that should be fun. Well you are right since we got off work at 5:30 and I headed out for an awesome run. I mean my run was totally solid and Franky hit the gym. Well I don’t know how he did it but he busts into my room at 6:50 and starts talking about some blond stewardess and I’m all like “Dude come on you can’t pull that on me the gym sucks here and there is no way you met some blond stewardess”.

“Ya how about dinner with her and her crew in twenty minutes”

Ok after that I knew this night was going to get a little nuts. Well we went to dinner with the crew and had a great time drinking beer and eating loads of meet (I had a massive meat platter and Franky, the german, had a vegetarian meal). Well we all got back to the hotel that we were staying at and well…….Frank and I had to go to our room because we had a conference call with HQ at 9pm our time so we invited them out later but got the total shutdown. So after a massively long phone call I thought the night was going to fiz out and die but Franky convinced me to head downtown for a couple of drinks.

We arrive in downtown and have no idea where to go so we stop at the hot dog stand and the dude totally directs us to the district. So we are walking down this road and there was a small pub with a large seating area where they have large picnic tables all packed. Well Franky spots the table with the youngest crowed on it so we decide to go big or go home. We grab some beers and dive in head first:
“Ummmm Do any of you speak English?”
“Hell ya” (in broken English and well maybe it wasn’t that cool sounding but who cares we were now sitting at the table)

Not sure how we pulled it off but we were sitting beside all the girls while on the other side there were a bunch of dudes hang out. So we sat there for a good solid two hours in that time I have no idea how Frank doesn’t break cover and speak German. The dude is fully fluent in German seeing as he lived here until he was 16 so he has only been in Canada for like 8 years. The cover was don’t play the German card unless its totally required, make them work for hanging out with us. Franky chatted this chick up for the whole time until she left with her sister then the girl sitting next to the girl that just left moved over to Franky. The dude was a chick machine!!! Well at 1:30 it was just us and two German stoke brokers so they then took us to the smallest club of all time. You think a Japanese toilet is small imagine it doubled in size add 40 people and that’s this club that we went to. So ya after drinking until 3:30 there I was all pumped about going home to bed after a very stressful couple of days but once again this night was not over. The guys we were hanging with were not impressed that we were going home so they sent us to another club. Somehow, I’m not sure how, but they stayed behind and Frank and I end up in front of this other club that wouldn’t let us in. So here we are 3:45am standing in front of a club not knowing what to do until another group show up and they get shutdown as well. So drunk Glenn opens his yap and makes fun of them which thank god doesn’t lead to Glenn’s death but lead them to inviting us to another club. We hit this club and go straight to the bar then we start to notice that this club isn’t jumping but it does seem to have fish swimming around in fish tanks. Very strange but we drink a couple of drinks and head to the next club because at this point who wants to go home. Well we enter the next club at 4am and head right to the bar and grab our last beer of the night and then we spot the stage. Anyone who knows me knows what that means. Yup I was on it with Franky dancing our butts off and drinking our faces off. I would say we were fine until we decide to get another drink……this is when it gets ugly yet so funny.

Vodka red bull! Oh no you didn’t yup we did!

I’ll set the scene for you:
Night club two really drunk dudes laughing their asses off decide to hit the bar one last time before dancing and going home. Roll up to the pretty empty bar. Bartender looks like a raver who hasn’t slept in months. I forget where I am and I howl “Vodka Red BuLL!!!” He looks not so impressed and start pouring the vodka…….Frank and I start cheering him on and telling him to do it up well he then fills a two pint glasses have full and then pours the vodka on top. Math students think quick…..yup half and half also known in geek land as fitty-percent vodka. I don’t remember much except that we stumble out of the club at 5:30 and the sun has risen already and we find a cab home. Sleep until 1:30pm the next day and try to figure out why we were so hung over. One hell of a great night and one we will be speaking about for a while.

I know I haven’t blogged for a while but I’m going to try to get another one out in the next couple of days to recap our Amsterdam adventure with Sonja and the crew this past weekend.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Wedding pictures are up

originally uploaded by Glenn Saqui.
Hey Everyone here is good old Jordans wedding pictures. More of a blog about the wedding later. Note you know you are getting old when your friends and family are getting married but I think you know you are really getting old when you have to trim your nose hairs. Since I've turned 26 I've had to start trimming those good old nose hairs. Anyways had a lot of fun at my cousins wedding hope you enjoy the photoes.
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