Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Swing GUI testing this maybe an optionUISpec4J

I'm aways looking out for different ways to test a Swing GUI. Here is another option:

UISpec4J - Overview

Victorias Java Users Group Meeting

First java users group meeting tomorrow at How 2 Share's office. I'm pumped to meet local java people. I think I might try to find the guy who wrote some jpython and sent it out to the user group and ask him why he chose jpython instead of some of the other java scripting languages.

Scripting languages

Lately I've been thinking about how important it is for a company to standardize on a scripting language. We had some scripts that help us deploy our software on client machines. The problem is they rely on bash being in a certain location the machine running the script. If we write our scripts in a java scripting language and take the language with us when we go to deploy the software it will solve all of our problems. Currently at work we have perl scripts, python scripts, groovy scripts, and of course the standard shell scripts.

I think for personal use on your own machine in the office you can use what ever you wish but scripts that others in the company use it should be standardized. Just might thoughts after doing a hard run today.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Jotka's CAFE

I've been thinking a lot lately about how to give a buddy of mine some software that he badly needs. Its a little app that helps him with his massive gambling addiction and I found this link that I might try to use.
Jotka's CAFE

Thursday, April 21, 2005

No More Gray Rect

NO more eraser? yup you can read it here. I've gotta figure out if this can be back ported to 1.4 as our clients would love this fix.

Chet Haase's Blog: Swing Update: No More Gray Rect

NetBeans IDE 4.1 can we switch soon boss?

OK I've got netbeans running at home because I was so sick of eclispe freezing up on me at work. Netbeans has come a long way since 3.3 which I used last. Its totally snappy and super easy to use.
Check out the following link:
NetBeans IDE 4.1, Ant, and Demi Moore

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Genocide Website

Check out the website that I created for one of my classes. Genocide is sick and I hope people stop killing each other. The pictures are super sick.

Taking Screenshots in Java

I found this blog about taking screenshots in Java. This is something I had never thought about doing, the thing that I find interesting about this article is the KeyboardFocusManager.getCurrentKeyboardFocusManager().getFocusedWindow()
this line of code I had never seen before but I think I'm going to look deeper into it because it maybe able to solve some problems at work.

Don Schwarz � Taking Screenshots in Java
Speech Recognition