Wednesday, December 22, 2004

no Xmas bonus

I work for a small software company that is waiting to receive some venture capital money. I've worked for the company for about two years now and I am one of the very first employees. Last year I could understand why we didn't get a bonus, we simply didn't have any money in the bank. At the time I was OK, no big deal as long as we all had fun at the christmas party. This year we won't be receiving a christmas bonus again, unlike last year where we didn't have any money in the bank this year we do.

I'm not a greedy person, I would take $100 as a bonus, its the principle that is important for me. How cheap is this company that they won't even spend $1500 for christmas bonuses. I have and continue to work long hours for this company. I spend my mornings before work reading and doing research on problems that I may encounter at work. A big thing in my life is respect. I like to be given the respect that I deserve and in return I like to think that I give respect to people. This is a matter of respect to me, I don't get paid the average amount a developer gets as the company is a startup but I'm ok with that as well. Not giving a small bonus as thank you for the many hours of overtime I have worked is a lack of respect from management. Grrrrr...and there is more to this story as well but I think I'll end it there....

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Winter Solstice sucks

I hate this time of year. I go to work and it is dark and I come home from work and it is dark. Its never light outside, how can I get a good run in when I'm tripping over my own feet in the dark. Its no good I'm telling you, thank god today is the winter solstice. Soon the light will shine more and I will be running in daylight. Can't wait......

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