Monday, December 05, 2005

Random thoughts by Glenn Saqui

So I've had some random thoughts as I've been travelling through India. You see Rob has his Ipod and normally listens to it on the bus rides that we take. If its not to bumpy I'll read my book or write postcards (if you want one you need to send me your address I sent off four this morning) but most of the time I either stare out the window or sleep. Lately I've been getting better at sleeping but I've spent a whole lot of time thinking about random stuff. So here are some random thoughts from my travels and I mean totally random. They may make you laugh I'm not sure but when you've spent over 48 hours on a bus thus far on my trip I have a lot of time to think.

-I'm totally into this dowery idea. I mean come on guys in the west we really need to get into this. I'm not going to marry her unless you give me a new pair of shoes, a donkey, and a new computer. The shoes I could wear for a run so that would make me happy, the don't know what I would do with a donkey but they look cool and seem to eat anything. Ok maybe I don't need a donkey but thats what makes a good dowery the ability to negotiate on what you want. I'm telling ya it would add a whole new element to the whole wedding thing. My cousin is getting married this coming May (I'm so pumped) and he went over and asked her father in advance for permission. Imagine if he went over and negotiated a dowery, man that would have been a good story. "I asked for two donkies and he came back with a rice cooker. So we agreed on a rice cooker and twenty thousand rupees" (Patience please don't be offended I'm making this up as I type)

-Puppies have small tongues...thats it (I told you they were random thoughts)

-Indian women will only talk to us if they want us to give them money. No other reason so we have stopped being impressed when Rob gets Indian women talking to him because it always turns out to be something like this "Take my picture....twenty rupees"

-The Indians love Robs moustache. The Indian men are always super impressed that he has grown one. I think Rob should keep growing it and I bet in the next couple of years moustaches are going to be super popular and Robs going to be the man leading the charge. Him and Burt Smoky and the Bandit. Ladies what do you think? Post your comments please or send them to me and I'll post the feedback on the moustache. I'm hoping for good reviews but I'll post very thing that I get. Look below for my gmail address or post your comments on the site.

-My suit is awesome and I have already told the story about how I got it like a million times. I love that suit and the story that goes with it. Next thing I'm looking out for is someone to make me hand made shoes. A total hand made outfit, wow what a story.

-I think the buses in India are the slowest in the whole entire world but are possibly the most packed with smelly people.

-There are more Israeli people in India then there are in Israel. They are all over the place. Most of them stand out because the women don't wear that much clothes and the men just uber hippie. I'm not sure yet but I get the vibe from the locals that they really don't like them that much but I could be wrong I'll be able to tell you a little more in 2 months when my trip is done.

-Goa for Christmas? LOL ya I'm not sure any more because every person we talk to is going to Goa for Christmas and we spoke to some travellers trying to get places to stay there and they weren't able to find anything so who knows maybe we'll go somewhere else.

-I spend too much time on the bus dreaming of salads, homemade soups, roasts, and any other type of clean food that I'm not scared to eat. I eat street food and I'm impressed because its good but I'm normally worried that in about 4 hours I won't be impressed again.

-I love the dowery idea, totally awesome I need more people to get onboard

Thats some of the random stuff that comes into my head as I've been travelling around India.



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