Saturday, December 03, 2005

Three things that are always true in India

So our guide today told us the following thing that I think is totally true when speaking of India.

Everywhere is a toilet. Let me tell you that I have seen people do the number 1 and 2 pretty much everywhere. The side of the road, on the sidewalk, on the road, right in front of name they'll drop it.

2) Everyone is a doctor. If you are a little sick everyone will tell you how to solve your problem. I've had people tell me to take this drug and that drug and then eat this wierd thing and drink tons of water when I was sick. I don't take drugs unless I know what the heck I'm taking so I didn't take their wierd stuff even though I'm sure it would work just fine. The palm reader that we went to even told rob how to fix his back so now everynight he puts some wierd stuff on his back.

3) 24 hours a day you can get tea. Really this is totally true you can get it anywhere anytime. Train, bus, rickshaw you can tea in these little glasses and they are super hot. I guess thats one thing the useless Brits left over here. They didn't leave good beer grrrr...


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