Thursday, December 01, 2005

Bought a suit

OK thanks everyne for the info on the suit so here is what I got. I paid 130 Euro and got a wool suit lined with silk, one pair of pants half lined in silk, and two shirts. These are all hand made and in a couple of hours I have to go back and make sure its fits correctly. So I don't think you can complain when you have a hand made suit for you and it doesn't kill the pocket book. I'll be sending it to London so the girls there will be the first people to see it. The suit color is charcoal and the shirts are dark blue and a light green. The tailor will pack it in front of me and send it away for me. I'm pretty excited as this is my first suit ever. The suit is only taking a day to make so I'll soon have it.

Rob update: He lives!!! In fact he got out of bed last night and ate a little bit of food and today he is sitting beside me checking his email. Don't worry everyone he's fine just has a sore belly.

Christmas: I was asked by Sonja to let her know where we will be for Christmas so that she can send a present. Great idea in theory but I'm sorry to say there is no way for either Rob or I to know where we are going to be around Christmas, all we know is we will be in the state of Goa. If you want a postcard for christmas and maybe something else please comment with your address and I'll try my hardest to make sure we send you something.



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And now when people ask, "Dam Thats a smart suit were did you get it?" You can say you go it in Udaipur India...... No ones going to belive you :-)


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