Friday, December 02, 2005

feeling better...From Rob

Note: I actually wrote this about 8 hrs ago but the Internet crashed so I had to wait to put it up.

After spending nearly all day in bed yesterday I am feeling a bit better. Enough to get up anyway. As Glenn said, I thought I just ate too much, but all night I never felt any better so around 5am I got up, hoping to throw up. I stayed in the bathroom for half an hour not knowing what to do. I wasn’t quite sick enough to puke but I knew if I went back to bed I wouldn’t feel any better so I tried to work up the nerve to stick my toothbrush down my throat but I just couldn't do it so instead I decided to swallow a gravol to see if that might at least let me sleep. Within 10 seconds of taking the gravol and a little water I was throwing up the big lump in my stomach. I never left the bed till about 4pm when I had a shower and went to find some food. I started to feel a little bit better other than these intense cramps in my stomach but I thought a little food might make them stop. I really wanted banana porridge or maybe some other breakfast food but the place Glenn picked did not have breakfast so I just had a stuffed parantha which is a flat bread with some vegetables and spices in it. The hot peppers and spices in it were not exactly what I was looking for but Glenn really enjoyed his dinner, so that’s good. Afterwards we went back to our place and started to watch a movie on the roof but I was not feeling great and it was a bit chilly so I went back to bed. Its a bit depressing that I spent an entire day in bed and never even saw the sun. I managed to log another 10 hours in bed and finally got my banana porridge this morning. It is now about 10am.
We are staying here an extra day since I am not up to taking a bus today but tomorrow we go about 3hrs east to Chittaurgarh where there is a massive fort. We will probably just stay for the afternoon then head off to Pushkar and stay a few days there.


Blogger Summers said...

Good to hear you're conscious!!! I hear your condition is why hookah's were invented......

2:31 PM  

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