Saturday, December 03, 2005

Thalis...From Rob

Have you guys heard of these things? Its pronounced talee and I think it literally means tray. The tray is divided into sections or sometimes has bowls and each one is filled with a different Indian dish, so you get to try several different dishes. But thats not even the best part. Waiters are going around constantly with pots and ladels filling you back up with more. They are also bringing round more bread(several different kinds) so you have to stay on the ball or you could theoretically end up there forever like a Star Trek episode or something....
Its originally a South Indian thing but you can find them all over. We just had a pretty good one tonight at a restaurant. We could not read the menu but discerned there were 2 different kinds of thali being offered one for 40Rs and one for 65Rs. Of course we went for the more expensive one without even knowing the difference. It would be too much effort to get the waiter to explain to us through broken english. We didn't have time for such nonsense. The thalis were so big we did not even get any extra food other than a few chappatis. I could not finish mine as it was the largest meal I have had since I was sick a few days ago and so Glenn ate a couple of my bowls. He is always good like that.
The night we arrived in Udaipur we were so hungry we found a restaurant before choosing a hotel. The place we went to offered an amazing thali for 50Rs. This was a quality joint too. Apparently the first thali made every day is sent to the palace where the Maharaja lives!
So I think you get the point. Thalis are really good, all you can eat for cheap. Maybe you guys get bored reading about good cheap plentiful food, but it still blows my mind when I see what they are asking for this. It also happens to illustrate the gap between rich and the poor here, when it does not cost very much to eat like a maharaja (about $1.50CAD) and yet there are starving and homeless people everywhere. But thats a whole other blog entirely...


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