Monday, December 05, 2005

Pushkar and Characters

We have been here for a couple days now. It is a nice place. Apparently Brahma dropped a lotus flower here and it created a lake so thousands of Hindus come here year to go for a dip. Only about 13000 people actually live here so the main industry is probably tourism. Its also where the massive camel fair is held that we missed because we thought freezing our asses off in Kashmir would be more fun. I dont know....
This morning we met a crazy lady from Isreal. I have not met many Isrealis but they are everywhere here. I do not have much to compare her to but she did have some definite similarities to George Costanza's mother, if that counts. Her name is Roma and I think she is about 50 years old. After her last child left home she announced she was going to India for a year. You meet some interesting characters here. Actually, a rabbi with a cowboy hat just walked by I think.
Roma had some interesting viewpoints too. When I asked her what food gave her Delhi Belly she said it had nothing to do with what she ate, it only had to do with some bad energy. She also filled us in on the fact that the reason Indians are poor is because they are lazy. I hadn't thought of it that way. She has travelled in SE Asia and says Laos is very beautiful, but does not have a lot of people. A perfect place for the Arabs to live. Oh how generous! Aaaaaagh! Ok nice to meet you, gotta go now. Bye!
About interesting characters here, we have also met 2 Ozzies and a Kiwi that have travelled here from England on motorbikes. They even came through Iran and Pakistan to get here! Their plan is to ride all the way home. They haven't planned it out too well though....But its true what they say about Canadians and Australians getting along well. They are crazy mofos but I havent met one I didnt like yet and we have met a lot here. So far I have met 3 yanks and for 2 thirds of those the stereotype very much held true! It was hilarious. The other one was from Colorado and I am told they are an exception. Still waiting to increase the sample size there are not many of them here. There are however tons of Isrealis. They have quite a reputation (with Indians and other tourists) for being rude, rowdy, and cheap but I have only met a few of them personally as they tend to travel in large groups. We also met an Indian who is a journalist that is in the process of opening up what he thinks is India's first Elvis museum. This place is random like that...


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