Saturday, December 03, 2005

Palm reader (curse creator)

OK I totally forgot the both times I've posted in the last couple of days to fill you guys in on our palm reader dude. I was the first to go and here is what he had to say.

-Your parents were apart for 4 years between 1994 and 1998. (pretty close)
-You have moved 4 major times in your life. (bang on Victoria, Richmond, Berlin, London)
-You aren't a computer programmer, you work with hardware (I'm a programmer or was two months ago)
-You are the oldest one in your family (nope)
-You are the middle child (ahhh...nope)
-You were born at 4am (ahh...I have no idea I was being born)
-You'll hvae two children a girl then a boy (who knows I guess I'll have to look back at this in a couple of years)
-You are single (nope)
-You'll get married in 2008-9 (lol...we'll have to see)
-You'll make six times what your father makes (Rob was given 10 times so I can't complain too much but come on at least mine could have 8 times)
-Your father works for the government, is a civil engineer, teacher, computers, three other random stuff before I told him what my father did.
-My job will always be changing (I hope so because that way it will always be exciting)
-I'm an adventurer and Rob and I work together (true on the adventurer, false on Rob and working together)
-Had no idea that I'm with Sonja...useless guy

I think he can figure some things out based on the type of hands that you have but I think he is just good at making educated guesses and he builds his profile on what or how you respond to his guesses. The dude freaked me out when he said my parents were apart for a while but I think he just got lucky with his guesses. He didn't mention two of the most important parts of my life, Sonja or running so I don't think he was that good. He had a super hard time with Rob as he went second and has hands the size of footballs. The palmist had no idea what Rob did and just kept guessing and saying all this random stuff so by the end his lucky guess with my parents was just that a lucky guess. I guess I'll have to wait and see a bone reader in the middle of Africa as I hear they are a lot better.


(from Rob) I just didn't give him any reaction to judge, thats why he did so poorly on me. I was actually impressed after he did Glenn, especially the part where he nailed how long his parents lived apart. I guess he used up his special powers on him or maybe it was cuz i didnt bob my head like a chicken everytime he was in the ballpark who knows... but get this. He told us it was 250Rs to tell our fortune and it would take about 20 mins, then after when he took about 40 mins on each of us and wanted 1000Rs we were like, Huh? So we explained that we thought it was 500Rs so he said, "As you like" so we gave him 700 cuz thats in the middle and I am sure this guy does very well for himself. Then that night I got sick so you do the math....


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