Thursday, December 01, 2005

LOL the eating here is killing us

First of all let me tell you that sometimes we get so much food that we can't even finish it and yet we try and normally we come back and our bellies hurt. Normally we complain and normally we both say that we can't sleep on our tummys because they are so full. Well it seems Rob had this problem last night. We are currently in Udaipur the location Octopussy will filmed. Our hotel like almost every cheap hotel in the area plays this movie every night. So guess what Rob and I decide to have dinner on the rooftop patio and watch the movie. We order butter chicken, jeera rice, and curried veg with 3 nan. We finished that off with banana pancakes, actually they are more like crepes. We watched the movie as we ate and headed to our room earlier then we normally do as our hotel doesn't have beer (major problem when watching a bond flick). So we are laying in bed and Rob starts complaining that he ate to much and his belly was sore.

I ofcourse make fun of him because I, for once, didn't over eat. On that note let me tell you that I'm trying something new in India which is called trying to get fat. Its not working at all as I think I've lost weight here. Ok back to Rob, he's complaining the whole night and I'm just making fun of him. Well at 5am he busted out of bed (I mean busted out, arms a moving like mad) and he hits the toilet. All I hear is....well him throwing up and throwing up. He's sick for a good twenty minutes, guess he's eaten something that has made him sick. He hasn't gotten out of bed today because he is so sick. I've given him food and water and hopefully he'll get better soon. I leave the place for two hours and then I come back to see how he is doing. Let me tell you its 2pm and he doesn't look good. At least he's talking now earlier he would just make funny noises.....parents don't worry he'll be fine I'm looking after him.


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