Thursday, December 01, 2005

My day today

So I need a little help from the people reading my blog. First I'll give you the run down of what I've done today without Rob.
-Ate breakfast (2 boiled eggs, cold toast, porridge, tea)
-Checked on Rob
-Checked out an old house here and then a Jain temple
-Checked on Rob
-Went for a walk and found a tailor who will make me a suit out of cotton for 9000 Rs I'm sure I can talk him down but I don't know anything about suits like is 9000 RS (240 CAN) is a good deal or not. So I need someone to let me know if thats a good deal or not. I get pants, jacket, shirt and tie for that price. For the polyiester (spelled wrong) it is only 150 can dollars. What I plan on doing is sending it to england if I do get it. He says it will only take 6 hours to make and then I can send it away the next day. But like I said I know nothing about suits. Sonja ask your brother if this is a good deal or not. Anyone who knows anything about suits please comment or send me an email to (glenn (period) saqui (at) gmail (period) com) and let me know whats the story here cause I could use some help. I don't even know what to ask for when I get a suit made.
-went to check on Rob
-Headed to the internet cafe to drop a few words about Rob and how he is feeling.



Blogger Egganor said...

Hey Glenn!

It's 'Mom" here. Thanks for the update. On the whole, I have been really enjoying your letters. Can't say that I am so thrilled to hear about Rob's problems. Just MAKE SURE that he keeps his liquids up and does not get dehydrated! As for your suit - I think that you had better talk him down some. If it is not polyester then what do they want $240.00 for? I think that you could do as well as that here in Canada.

Keep us posted on Rob please. It is 2:10 AM so will not probably pick up anything more until tomorrow. LOL

2:11 AM  
Blogger Uncle David & Aunt Sandra-Mae said...

Hi Glenn:

Regarding suits:

Cotton is typically for tropical climates but probably not something you'd want for England.

Polyester can be kind of clammy and will develop little fabric balls on the surface.

If you can get Italian wool (the finer the better - none of that scratchy stuff) for that price, do it.

And about getting fat, you'll think gaining it was a piece of cake after you've tried, unsuccessfully, to get rid of it. My advice, stay slim for as long as you can.

And stay healthy. Travelling is much more fun that way.


Uncle David

2:31 PM  

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