Monday, November 28, 2005

Beer chasers

So I'll first tell you where we are and then I'll complain about the crappy computer I'm on and then I'll tell you about beer and the crazy things we have done to drink beer.

First we left Birkaner and went to Jaisalmer where we rode camels and checked out the cool fort there. The camel ride was only 20 minutes but I figured we should get the most out of it. Well actually it started when Rob passed me on his camel (our drivers were in the seat behind us) and gave me a little shove. Well I don't like to be passed and I hate it when Rob pretends his a tough fisherman and can pick on the little computer guy. Lets not joke here his hands are twice the size of mine. So I'm a little pissed so I tell my camel driver to drop a gear and get this hunk of camel movin. Well all of a sudden Rob and I are climbing up sand dunes and running around in the desert. Those camels can move if they have to and they sure beat the hell out of you when they do decide to move. I have some great pictures of us on camels but sadly I can't seem to get them online because the computer that I'm on is a piece of camel poo. One night after a long bus ride from Bikaner to Jaisalmer, where I didn't eat lunch, we decided to get some grub. Well when I'm hungry and haven't eaten in a while I can really throw back the food. So we order food and beer and more food and more beer then finished with that restaurant (650 RS). I look at Rob and I'm like "dude you still hungry".
Rob laughs and says "No but I'm sure you are"
Off to the next restaurant so that Glenn can eat again. Like I said when I'm in eating mode I sometimes don't stop. More beer and more food and pop another 400Rs on food. So after two days in Jaisalmer we header to Jodphur. We arrived yesterday and let me tell you this whole desert thing is hot. I don't mean hot I mean really really hot. I can't imagine what it would be like in the summer. Yikes.
The fort here rules, in fact it hasn't been defeated/broken into in the whole 500 years that it has been around. Its massive and massively impressive. Tomorrow we hope to do a village safari where we go into the middle of nowhere and see some buddists that are supposed to be uber eco freaks. Should be nice after we have seen the exact opposite for the last month. Oh we have been in India for almost a month now so I guess I'm 1/3 of a way through my trip. Man time flys.

OK so Rob and I like to drink a beer now and then. Hey if you have to be in the middle of the desert at least you should have a cold beer. Man my dad will love that line. So while we were in Bikaner we ate at every restaurant in Robs book and every single one of them didn't serve any beer. This is actually normal when we go to restaurants, most are totally dry. Well after a day of not having any beer and only eating veg food we decided to hunt down a nice cold one. So we wonder around until we see this ally that has a faded sign that says "Bar and restaurant", the restaurant part was more faded. So Rob and I wonder in. Ok I'll first describe this for people who have been in Campbell River and then I'll let the rest of you know what I'm talking about but since Rob and I both agree the CR version fits nicely we'll use it instead.
CR version- This place was like JJ's but without the women. Same hardcores and run down bums all there drinking the beer and not thinking about the food.
Normal version-The place was where the hardcore drinkers in the city go. Not clean but it still serves food yet I don't think people actually eat there. We were the only whities in the area and I think they were shocked that we would actually be in there. So we sit down and Rob trys some of the whisky and I start by trying the beers I had never heard of. My review is as follows:
-It just proves that the British mess everything up, they didn't leave behind one solid beer after they left this country. The Kingfisher is the king beer here and it sucks! I've tried 5 different brands and I'm still glad when I have a Kingfisher because it doesn't make me ill.

Ya we seems to have adventures everywhere we go and things seem to be crazy and yet very laid back at the same time. Rob and I have no idea where we are going from here but we are thinking of going to Mt. Abu but we aren't sure yet.

I've attached a link to a map of Rajasthan for all those people who don't have any clue where we are:



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