Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wow was the tag amazing or what

Ok so as many of you know Rob and I were at the Tag Mahal the other day and let me tell you it is as amazing as it is in the pictures. We got up early and went to the Tag Mahal for the sunrise like every other tour group. It was amazing and we have some get pictures to post as soon as we hit a town with broadband. I don't know if I mentioned it in my last blog but the reason the Tag Mahal was built was to be a tomb for one of the leaders wifes that had died. He loved her so much he spent 60 million in current money on this amazing tomb. One problem with the Tag Mahal it cost a ton of money to get into. I mean it great and everything but it was the most expense thing that we have seen in India so far. In fact its three times more expensive then anything else. It cost us 750 RS which is 18 Canadian dollars. People reading this I'm sure are like, "Dude come on thats cheap. Its the Tag Mahal". True but an Indian can get in for 50 RS so they are just taking the tourists for a ride and everything else in this country is so cheap this should be as well. Grumble grumble...In fact the most we ever paid for a place to stay has been 500 RS and we got a TV.

So the Tag day was kind of a long one because we wanted to see a lot as well as travel on that day. So I'll break it down for you.
5:30am-wake up
6-8am Hanging at the Tag and getting some great pictures.
8am-9 Breakfast
9:30 Train to Gwalior. We went there to check out the fort as well as some sculptures that came from the first century. Pretty wicked stuff.
6pm After seeing the city of Gwalior we decided that the city sucked and we wanted to continue onto our next destination which is a place called Khajuraho but a bus doesn't leave Gwalior to get there it leaves from Jhansi. So we hope on the train.

OK getting tickets can be a massive hassle in this country and getting the correct train with a seat can sometimes be almost impossible. So we lined up for our tickets and we bought them with no problem, I say that but Rob did a solid job of pushing to keep his spot in line. We then asked the train supervisor when the next train to Jhansi is. This is only a 1 hour and half trip and most trains stop there. The guy was kind enough to tell us where it was, this after him not understanding that we needed to catch a train. You could say it was a language barrier...lol something that we are used to. As we come down the steps to the platform the train is pulling away and there are people standing in the places where you would normally be able to get on the train. I tell Rob that we are getting this train but this could be a major problem since we have our massive bags on and there are people in the doorway. I point, yell and the guy figures out this massive bag and guy are coming at him and he has no choice but to move so he jumps off the train. I slam myself into the train and notice that it is packed! There are people on all the seats (two benches one below and one on top) and there are people in every aisle sitting down. People are not impressed with this bag that I'm bringing with me and I'm not impressed because I haven't seen Rob on the train yet. He soon rounds the corner and see stare at each other from each side of the train coach (not sure what you call them) and we know this is going to be a long trip.

I start walking down the aisle running into people looking for a place to put my bag luckly for me a dude who speaks perfect english who is in the army asks if I want to share his bench with him. I greatfully accept and squish onto the bench with him. I spend the rest of the time on the train just chatting with this guy. Rob has a different experience as he gets stuck with a family that doesn't speak very good english but I think he had an alright time. I'll have to let him blog about it. After we reach Jhansi we hit our hotel because the bus that we have to catch is at 5:30 in the morning.

We are currently in Khajuraho which is famous because it is thought to have the best kept temples in India. I would have to agree. Check out the site below if you want to see what we have seen. Trust me I think you'll be impressed:
OK I actually went to this link and it does a decent, not great job, of the location that we are at.

I think we'll be away from the computer for a couple of days because we are heading into the wilderness to attempt to see a tiger. I'm not kidding we are going to a national park called Bandhavgarh National park and it is said to have the highest consentation of tigers in India. After we hit this park we will be heading up to Varanasi, the place with all the burning bodies and bodies in the Gange river. You may think this is gross and I would have to agree with you but it is an extremely holy city and it supposed to be really nice.



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