Saturday, December 10, 2005

Tag Mahal we be seeing

So we arrived in Agra the home of the holy Tag Mahal. One of the most famous buildings in the world and for you non history buffs the parliament buildings in Victoria were built based on the dome of the Tag Mahal. Getting to Agra was a little more stressful/long then it was supposed to be. I had bought the tickets a day in advance and was totally pumped because we were supposed to be in the sleeper class. Since the train was at 6am that meant we would have an early wake up and we would be able to sleep on the train. Ya well I made a mistake because it turned out we were in the most unconfortable seats in the world, stuck between some unhappy Indians who were pissed because we kicked out some of their friends that were sitting in our seats. Great way to start the trip hey.

Well it was cold so I put on my woolen cap( love the brits) and put my head against the window and was asleep. Rob, who has a bad back, didn't like the seats at all so within twenty minutes of seating there he stood up and walked away. I didn't know it at the time but he went to another section where it was totally nice with nice seats and no one around. He tells me he had a great sleep, I'm sure he did because he could strech out and enjoy his leg room.

Well the train hit some kind of animal about 2 hours into the trip and the engine was then busted. Great not only am I stuck in the crappy seats I'm having to sit even longer because the train is busted. We sat in the same location for a good solid two hours before our new train arrived to carry us to freedom. Two hours later Rob pops his head in and tells me he is in another seat and we should move our stuff there because there is tons of room. So we move our stuff and I"m totally pumped because I can stretch my legs out and finally get some solid sleep. Twenty minutes into my sleep I get woken up by the train guy asking to see our tickets. I know we are in the wrong section but I play dumb, it costs us 7 CAn in total to have the rest of the trip in the nice section. I wasn't going back if I didn't have to.

The tag is amazing from the outside if you can actually see it from the smog. We are heading to it tomorrow morning at 6am as we hope to be the first people there and hopefully get some good shots of the Tag Mahal. As you can imagine our next set of pictures will be of the Tag. I'm done blogging for the night and now I'm heading to bed, I have another early wake-up tomorrow.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn, Great photo's and stories so far. We could use some warmer weather here and a little less rain. Seen any christmas tree lots? We miss you salesmanship on our lot at UVic.


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