Thursday, November 24, 2005

Bus and a Train and finally we arrive at our destination

So we have these crazy plans like trying to see India. Wow thats crazy dude you shouldn't even think of crazy things like that. Well we wanted to leave Dharamsala and make our way into the desert. So the plan was the following get a bus to Chandargh and from there figure out if we could get a train to northern Rajistan to a place called Bikaneer. So we get on our bus at 7am and we start our travel. Buses aren't like the ones back well nothing is so what would you expect. The bus isn't that clean and every corner it stops to pick people up or drop them off. At one point in our bus ride there are bums of people we don't know in our faces and people are shoving to get more people aboard. Its totally crazy so we drive through the day. The drive is actually nice if you were in a comfy sedan with the normal amount of people in it. We drove through the mountains and had some amazing views of the mountains and valleys. Cool I guess if you weren't fighting to stay on your seat.

Awesome we arrive in Chandargh without dieing, always something to be happy about. Seven hours of our trip is done. Next we stroll over to the train info place and line up in the handicap, old people, and foreigners line. Get to the front of the line and ask if we can get a train from here to Bikaner. "Yup"
"When does it leave?"
"10:25 tonight"
"Rob you want to continue our trek tonight"
"OK we'll take the ticket we want a sleeper"
"Ok that'll be 250RS each" (thats like 7 CAN)
"Sweet when will we arrive in Bikaner?"
"lol no"
"Oh thats going to be a massively long train ride"
So now its 3:00pm and we have some time to kill so we head out to this famouse rock garden, the only thing this town has to offer. You can see the pics of it on the blog. Its pretty impressive and it kills an hour. We meet these random dudes who can barely speak english and want so badly to speak to us. We spend half our time in the rock garden telling them about our families and asking them about theirs.

We catch some grub and have two hours to kill at the train station. I would have gone for beer except that if I had had a beer I would have fallen asleep right away as Rob and I were totally zonked from the crazy bus ride. Finally the train arrives and we get on. The sleeper is three cot sized beds stacked ontop of each other. Not really that nice because we are close to the toilet so use your imagination on what we smelt through the whole night. I was in the middle bunk and as soon as I had my sleep sheet out and my eyes covered I was totally asleep. Rob wasn't as lucky as me as he was on the top and he froze the whole night. Oh let me through in a comment here that I'm to big for this country. Everything is for people under 6 feet. Everything is exactly 6 feet long so I barely fit in. I have to bend myself in some crazy ways to get to sleep most nights.

The train rocks us to sleep and we attempt to sleep as long as possible as this train is 15 hours long. Oh and it only cost us 7Can so I don't think you can complain to much. We finally arrive to our destination after a long trek. We are totally wiped but its a cool city.

The city is part of a desert and has sand everywhere and is totally hot. There are camels everywhere and they are used like horses to pull carts. We arrived on Wednesday and we plan on leaving tomorrow morning (Friday) to head out to Jaisalmer where we plan on riding camels. Jaisalmer is a city that just grows out of the desert so it should be cool.

Hope this was a good update.


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