Saturday, December 17, 2005

Random questions from my sister, from Rob.

My sister Amelia emailed me a bunch of questions about India and about our trip. Since they are fairly general questions I thought I would post the answers on the blog since many of you would like to know the answers.

I enjoyed the Taj very much. It was amazing when you actually stand in front of and see how big it is. And to think that it was built entirely as a tomb for pme of King Shah Jahan's wife.

Yes Andrew is a crazy driver, but not as crazy as most Indians.

The back of a camel is higher than my head. To get on the guide gets it to lie right down, then you climb on and it stands up, back legs first so you have to lean far back or you fall off, then the front legs so then you lean forward. They don't smell too much except for their breath. I think they probably run about 25kph but they bounce up and down at 5000 mph and it takes everything you have to stay on. Glenn and I were both sore the next day after riding one for about 30 mins. And no I dont think they are a viable solution to global warming.

No, I don't think you should remove that growth yourself, I think you should see a doctor for that. Or I could bring home some water from the holy Ganges. With 1.5 million fecal bacterial per 100mL, its healing powers are intense.

For Xmas we originally wanted to be in Goa, an old Portugese colony. Not too many places celebrated Xmas, but there are pockets of Christianity that do celebrate Xmas. We have since changed our plans to Goa. It is a crazy party town on the beach, but everyone we have met is going to Goa and they quadruple the prices over the Xmas week so we decided we will go there later in January when it will still be a good time without being a rip off.


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