Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sharing the blog

Rob and I will be blogging together so here is Robs first blog I hope that you all enjoy the next three months of our blogging and I hope you all understand that this will be the first place we will place any info on us.

This is Robs first blog:

Hey kids, its time for me to go. I fly for Delhi Saturday afternoon. It
is a 12 hour flight to Shanghai with a 4 hour layover then another flight
for 7 and half hours to Delhi. When its all said and done I will have left
Vancouver Oct 29 @ 3pm(PST) and will arrive in Delhi Oct 31 0315am (Delhi
time). I am not looking forward to the epic flight at all but hopefully I
can use the time to adjust my sleep cycle. Delhi is 13.5 hours ahead of
PST. My travel buddy and best friend Glenn will arrive in Delhi Oct 31
about 1130 pm so I will be on my own for the first day. Thats ok, being
alone will just make it that much more surreal. Thats what its all about
right? We will be staying for the first few days at Hotel Rak
International. Apparently scenes from the movie Holy Smoke (starring Harvey
Keitel and Kate Winslet) were filmed on the rooftop there. Go to if want the synopsis; it's a good movie but this isn't
freaking Ebert and Roeper here.

Basically the plan is to spend a few days in Delhi, get our bearings, get
over jet lag, check out the Red Fort and eat our faces off, among other
attractions. No, that doesn't mean we will attempt to masticate the heads
of statues. After that we may be heading off SE to Agra where there is some
thing called the Taj Mahal, whatever that is. Or we may be heading SW to
Pushkar to check out a camel festival. I don't know what exactly a camel
festival entails but I imagine its more fun then a home show for example.
After that we really don't know what we are doing, we are just going to kick
it freestyle. Thats how Glenn and I roll alright.


Blogger Bodin said...

Hey, good idea with the blog. Hopefully you can get to it once in a while on your trip; I think we all want to hear about the camel festival.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Summers said...

Hah hah hah hah, you're hilarious Fred! Camels, hookahs, bidi's (ask the local merchants) and car-bombs, hooray! Hope you're all well. This blog is a superb idea. I'll probably spam it every now and then w/ inadequate prose and banter loosely guised as understanding and appreciation for how cool your trip will probably be (is).

11:58 AM  

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