Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dundee (I wrote this blog on Monday night)

So I am up here in Dundee (hopefully I can get to the internet to blog) and I went out for the best Indian food that I think I have ever had. I went to Brick Lane in London which is supposed to be the most authentic India food outside of India but let me tell you the quality of food at this place was the tops. So I am leaving to India in 14 I thought I would give eating with one hand a try. It was a complete mess but it was good practise since I'm leaving soon. I still haven't booked a hotel in New Delhi but I think that is this Fridays activity and making sure Rob and I both know what we are doing and when we arrive in Delhi. I am pretty sure I arrive 11:30pm October 31st in Delhi and I'm pretty sure Rob arrives at 4am October 31st. I was hoping to beat him there but the cards didn't play out. I was hoping to be there before him because I have a little more experience in a totally foreign country and I might have been able to help him out a little bit.

Does anyone know how bad the tv is in the UK? Man it really sucks. I would rather do work then watch TV and thats bad because my normal rule is after 9pm no work should be done unless you have a solid deadline and I don't have a deadline so I shouldn't even be thinking about work but I am. I blame this on two things:
1) The TV sucks so there is nothing for me to do but sit and write emails and think about work
2) The stupid fog in Heathrow airport. Why you may ask? Well simple answer. I now have twenty pages left in my book and I want to save ten for each night that I am here so I have nothing to do. So I blog and write emails.


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