Saturday, October 22, 2005

drunkin blog

So its taken me some time before I blogged drunk but here we go:

Tonight Erin and I went out and got super drunk because Sonja has gone hiking wth her friend liz and Tanya has gone to Turkey so it leaves us. I was runninng today and it went re3ally well so I thought might as well have a drink or two. Well it ended up being a piss up. We went to our local pub (swan) drank some beer met a Columbian who told us of another pub that was open until 1 am because like every other pub this one closed at 11pm. So E and I crused over there and met some super old ladies from Kansas who talked about how much bling they had so we headed to get some grub and met up with the most stupid american. Why is it they seem to stand out so much? Is it they actually think that everyone will take american money? stupid americans



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