Saturday, February 04, 2006

Last couple of days in India

Well Rob has left to Thailand and now I must make my way back to Delhi to catch my flight back to the UK. Yesterday morning Rob left and I thought it would be nice just to hangout on the beach and do nothing except read my book. So thats what I did until 3pm when I thought it would be fun to go have an orange lassi, something I had never had, well the first one was good. The second tasted a little off but I didn't care it was hot out and the lassi was cold so I was pumped. I then walked down to the internet cafe and checked my email. While sitting there I started to feel a little ill so I decided to head back to the place that I was staying. Well lets just put it this way I got some serious Delhi belly. I slept and was sick from 5pm until 7am this morning. I'm feeling a little better now but it was a rough night. I should have known better then to have to orange lassi no one ever orders those.

Well today I had to rough it and take two buses back to Panjim, Goa where tomorrow I'll be catching a flight to Delhi where I'll be for two days before I fly home. While in Delhi I'm going to pick up a new pair of glasses and check out some stuff Rob and I missed while we were there.

rock on,


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