Wednesday, February 01, 2006

2nd to Last Day in India, from Rob

Glenn will fly to Delhi from Goa on the 5th, he leaves India about midnight on the 7th. This will give him enough time to get a pair of glasses made and to see a temple which we missed there. A while ago we purchased four flights within India and we still had one left so I had planned to use it to fly to whatever city would give me the cheapest fare out of India to Bangkok. I had been checking flights online and the cheapest I could find was 10400RS about 270 CAD, but yesterday we went to a travel agent, which I thought would be a waste of time and I purchased a ticket for 7600RS about 200CAD from Mumbai. That's not bad, but it is for the 3rd since that is when the sale is so I feel a bit guilty to leave Glenn hanging for a few days on his own.
So tomorrow is our last day, then on Saturday I fly from Panjim, Goa at 1335 to Mumbai and I will have a few hours to spend do maybe I will check out a Bollywood flick, and grab my last true Indian meal. Then at about midnight I fly to Bangkok and I will arrive at about 6am Bangkok time. I am not sure how long the flight actually is, its not like Canada where the give you a nice little itinerary of what to expect. All I know is that I am going to arrive in Thailand first thing in the morning with not a clue of what to do.
I have done very little reading about Thailand because mostly I have not felt like it to be quite honest. While in India I would make a point to check out the guidebook because I felt I owed that much to Glenn since we were travelling together so I should contribute to the overall planning. Now that I am on my own I have no responsibilities and if it sucks that I didn't plan better, that's okay because I only have myself to blame, and I only have myself to be upset at mysel--if that makes any sense....
No, I have an old guidebook of SE Asia, but when I get to Bangkok I will find a better one. Then I will have to hang out in Bangkok for probably 4 days while I arrange visas to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. In that time I will meet lots of travellers, read my brand new guidebook, eat 22 pad thais and 31 nasi gorengs and have a better idea of what my plans will be. I think I will be heading up to Laos asap then east to Cambodia then to Vietnam if time permits then back to Thailand and home.
I can't believe we have been in India for 3 months, and I can't believe I still have 2 months left. I don't have any ideas of running home early but if I could be teleported back for one week and then teleported back here I would do it. I would love to make my own food, drink some real coffee and drive my car and listen to all my cd's that I didn't get to put on my iPod and take the dogs for a walk and not be surrounded by a billon people and have a hot shower and wear some nice clothes and eat some BBQ and drink real beer and watch hockey--just for one week would be really nice.
Despite some of my rantings we have had an amazing time here. Sometimes I just had to vent so that I could concentrate on the good shit. I cannot describe in one short blog how cool India is, all I can say is it gets in you and it will be something I will never forget. Who knows, maybe one day I will come back. They say lots of people leave India hating it, but then get home and start planning when to come back. Glenn has been a great travelling companion even if his running shorts smell; maybe one day we can go somewhere else cool like Russia or South America.
As for continued updates, Glenn is going to help me set up a blog for my future travels. As soon as it is up I will post a link to it from here. There will only be half as many posts since there will only be half as many authors, so don't get your hopes up. Also, I probably won't have much time since I will be mostly in opium dens and they tend to not have great Internet connections, so says lonely planet.


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if the worst glenn had to throw at you was stinky shorts, you are lucky. the key thing is that he kept his foot fungus to himself.

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