Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Bus rides rule!

Well today Rob and I went from Munnar to Cochin, where we have been before, and then tomorrow we head north on our way to Mysore. Well we got up early had a really good breakfast and then headed for the bus. We were told the day before that the private buses wouldn't be running because they were going on strike so we had to take the public bus. Well we jumped on and it was one of the nicest buses we have been on in India. The seats were totally comfortable and there weren't that many people on the bus with us. This meant that Rob and I were able to share a sit meant for three people for at least half an hour then the rush hit. I would say about 30 school children jumped on the bus and made moving almost impossible. Well they were only on the bus for a half an hour and then back to just Rob, myself, and some random skinny Indian beside me. Well I think we got on the wrong bus because we arrived at a bus terminal and everyone got off except us because the money collector for the bus told us to stay on. First thought that crossed my mind was, "mmmm thats very strange." Well it got even stranger when we left the terminal and pulled down a dirt road behind a building. At this point I was a little worried because this is not normal but it turned out that behind the building was a gas station and they were just filling up.

After getting a little bit of gas they then pulled over to get some tea and invited us in to have some as well. Well we weren't alone on the bus there was a couple from Holland as well so we all got off the bus and had some tea and some grub. While finishing up our tea the bus dudes informed us that it was time to roll so we threw our tea back and jumped back on the bus. We went back to the terminal that we were at a half an hour ago and waited another half hour before we took off again. Well normally I wouldn't think this as being to odd, except maybe the chai stop, but we then went to the wrong town and were told to switch buses to go to where we wanted to go. Now I can see that people are thinking that I'm being sarcastic about the title that I have for this blog (Bus rides rule) but I'm totally serious this was a fun bus ride. The driver and the money collector had a great time helping us out and making sure that we were fed and had enough chai. I think the bus ride sucked because I think we got on the wrong bus and thats not their fault it ours. So instead of arriving in Cochin at 1pm we arrived at 3pm so it wasn't that big of a deal. We did the same things that we were going to do had we arrived at 1.



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