Monday, January 30, 2006

Hardcore hippies

Well we haven't blogged for the last couple of days because we have been living in a grass hut on the beach. Yup we had no running water and no shower for a total of a week. This place we were at had some of the hardcorist (I'm not sure that is a word) hippies I had ever seen. One dude had lived on the beach in a grass hut for the last 3 years. All these people do is sit around and smoke weed and then just sit in the sun. Rob and I didn't even know what to talk to these people about because I know we had nothing in common with them except maybe that we were both human and thats a tough one to use as a starter for a conversation. We did have fun laying on the beach and swimming when the sun got to hot. One thing about where we were was that the water was crazy boyount. So boyount in fact that the big bummed dude I'm travelling with, who normally sinks like a rock, was able to float on his back.

Now we in Goa and we are starting to get things ready for me to head back to the UK and for Rob to head off to Thailand. This means visiting the airline companies and making sure I have all the photoes burned onto cds to take home with me. Today we are going to check out some churches and maybe figure out which beach we are going to head to next.



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