Friday, February 10, 2006

Back at home for my birthday

Well Wednesday I arrived in London after a 9 hour plane ride that I don't remember becuase I was passed out in my seat for the whole trip. I even skipped the first meal because I was sleeping, in fact I don't even remember taking off because I was out super fast. One really nice thing that they gave us on the flight was one of those black out masks that you put on your eyes. Totally helped me because as soon as its dark my body just shuts down. This is the reason that I'm not a cat burglar or else I'm pretty sure I would attempt this profession because it sounds pretty cool and sometimes you get to meet up with Batman when he tries to stop you.

Well Sonja surprised me and met me at the airport, which meant she had the day off so we had lots of fun getting caught up and going to buy my birthday present. It seems like every year I go and buy myself something that I want for my birthday well this year was no different I went out and bought a new watch. This watch is totally pimped out it has everything that you could imagine. Not only is it a pimped out running watch it has a heart rate monitor as well as the huge selling point for me was the speed distance monitor. The speed distance monitor works with the watch so at any given time I can see how far I've run as well as at what pace that I'm going. I've gone on two runs with it since I've bought it and it is totally fun to play with. Its just another factor into proof that I'm a geek and a runner so when you can find things that allows me to match them together I'm super happy.

My birthday was yesterday Feb 8th so I rolled out of bed munched on some toast with PBJ on it (something I totally missed when I was in India) and headed over to the computer. Sadly yesterday was the first day of work, well it was supposed to be but I really didn't work that hard because I had way to many emails to respond to and read. I went out for a solid 52 minute run with an average heart rate of 167 I'm not exactly sure what that means yet but I'll fill ya in when I do. Then my birthday started when Sonja took me to Cirque De Soleil. It was way more dancing and stuff like that and at the start I thought Sonja brought me to Cirque De Ballet but after they were done their intro it turned into a very impressive gymnasitic event. Some of those dudes are total freaks and now I know where all those freaks from school went. It was tons of fun and let me tell you its nice to be home.

Funny statements you would never have heard three months ago:
1) London is such a clean city
2) The weather here is so cold I don't know how people can live in this enviroment
3) The food is good here

thanks for everyones happy birthday wishes and thanks to everyone reading the blog while we were in India.


Blogger Summers said...

Glenn, Happy Birthday man!!! You're the same age as Rob, right? So your ONLY 10 years younger than me! - lol

Anyway, I have a question for you, what brand of watch/HR-monitor was it you bought? I've been running for just over a year now and I'm thinking about getting one. I've been looking at one of the Polar monitors.

Is yours a "traditional" pedometer or does it run on GPS?

9:54 AM  
Blogger thealivekennedy said...


I am itchy for an update, how are you doing in that clean, prissy British place?

3:23 AM  
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