Friday, January 13, 2006

Nothing Special, from Rob

What do you do when you actually feel like blogging but you are too boring to come up with something worthwhile to say? Here it goes I will tell you the boring mundane details of our yesterday.

In the morning we got up at 5:30 to go on a pretty wicked nature hike for about 5km. We tried not to get too much of that nature crap on us though, but we had little leeches on our shows so they poured powder tobacco to deter them. At one point our guide almost flipped out when he saw Glenn had a tick on his arm. He actually shouted, "Get that off you!" It was funny, at least I thought so. Then afterward we decided to try and find a restaurant that the Brits in Varkala told us about. We had thought we saw it inside the park, but as it turned out, it was actually outside the park, which is another 4 or 5km. I was pooped afterward. My legs were so stiff and I was looking forward to brunch. It was 11:30 and it was the first meal of the day for us because we were up so early to go on our hike. We settled on a different restaurant that looked ok but it was all show. The menu was rediculously overpriced. This incident largely fueled my rant I wrote yesterday. I ordered toast with peanut butter and fried eggs. It was so rediculously overpriced and they only put a thin skim of PB on. Whats up with that? They can't overcharge AND then give you crap food at the same time. Glenn watched me gobble down my breakfast for a few minutes and then they brought out his sandwich. He said it was not very good, but he still had soup coming. He finished his sandwich and I got rid of every crumb on my plate and ten minutes later his soup still had not come. We were livid. Well at least I was. At first I think he was a little resigned to his crappy meal but I managed to get him worked up. Its one thing when you have crappy food and service when you are eating in some dump, but they were trying to be this high class place. We told them not to bother bringing out the soup. The waiter/manager/owner whatever he was was not happy. We were both giving it to him. I told him that I was insulted with the what they tried to feed me and if they want to charge high prices thats fine but they need to provide quality food and good service. We left and went back to our hotel, underfed and exhausted. The plan was to have a nap and go back to the park by 3 to go on a boat cruise. We got up at 3 and were out to the park by 3:30 but all the tickets were sold out. I wished I had stayed in bed. Right there Glenn decided to convert

his pants into shorts and go for a run. I grabbed a rickshaw (because I am fat and already walked 10km) and I got the rickshaw driver to take me where I could get a good cup of chai. I sat in this little shop with the locals and talked about how Kerala is nice, but it would be better without so many tourists. I ate a pastry and a samosa and 2 cups of chai for 18 RS (0.50CAD) I went back to the hotel and did some stretches and exercises for my back which I have been doing for a long time as well as a little yoga I have learned since being here. Afterward Glenn and I found some real straight up Indian food. Best and Cheap. And hella spicy. We played backgammon overdinner (I won again for the 10th time) and then went on the Internet for a couple hours to blog. After that we went back to our room and put a good dent in a bottle of "Romanov Vodka" which is Indian for degreaser. We turned in about 12:30 am after much laughter and some of that male bonding crap.

Not every day is an amazing story, but its all part of the experience so that's why I posted it. Well that and because I was a bit bored. Next time I will be have more interesting things to say.


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