Friday, January 13, 2006

I was once a winner

When I was five my mom entered me into a trike and I totally destroyed everyone. That year my soccer team won a bunch of games and I think my baseball team had a lot of fun. I can't remember the baseball but I'm sure we had fun. I remember the trike race really well since I was racing my best friend at the time Rob Lokken and he always beat me in our street hockey games. I remeber it well it was raining and Robs mom decorated his new bike (he was the first kid in the family so he didn't have any brothers to pass stuff to) and I was in my crappy trike that I'm sure my mom found on the side of the road and thought oh my son would love this thing. Well as usual my mom was totally right I loved that trike like nothing else. Yes I know what you are thinking
1) why was he on a trike at the age 5 and
2) Why the heck is he telling me this stupid story (granted I'm sure Sonja loved it)

The reason for this story is very simple. The girls that we met in Vakala gave us this really nice chess and backgammon set. Rob sucks at chess and refuses to play with me so I'm in the process of learning backgammon since this is a game Rob knows how to play and one he is really good at. This email is to reassure me that I was once a winner because Rob is killing me every game. Oh he is a lot nicer then I am about it and he tries to help me through the game but man do I ever suck. I almost won a game but nope I lost. How can a dude be pumped about playing a game when he loses all the time one may ask. Well I have no choice since the TV that we have only has one english channel and it seems to only be playing highlights from some Indian cricket games back when they didn't have tv so you can imagine some Indian telling a story about something you don't care about. Nothing could drive a man to death quicker then that so I sit back and lose to Rob.

One day I will win and that day will come when Rob drinks triples and I drink water for the night. Maybe then I can win.

G - The trike race champion of Campbell River, 1985


Blogger Summers said...

Nice work Glenn, we all have dreams and persistance and determination are probably two of the best ways to beat Rob at backgammon. Of course, the triples can't hurt as well as a little rohipnol ;)

9:20 AM  

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