Saturday, December 31, 2005

Life on the beach in Kolvam

So let me give you a little heads up on what we have done since we have been here. Well we wake up and think what should we do....normally this leads us to thinking our bellies are hungry and we need to find some grub. After we inhale some food we then look out at the crashing waves and think man its hot we should go swimming. This then leads us to our hotel where we get chanced into our swimming trunks and then we head to the beach. The last two days we have rented bodyboards and then we spend most of the day surfing the waves. Ya its been really tough so far, I mean its tough eating then having to surf in water that is warmer then most pools. Then we normally have a massive feast for dinner and head to bed.

Well last night we decided that one of the places on the beach was showing the movie Hitch with Will Smith. So we rolled on over there and had dinner and watched the show. Oh and since we were watching a show we thought we should have 3 huge kingfishers each. Ya that made the movie more enjoyable. Well the flick was totally ripped from the internet and wasn't that good quality but who cares we're in India so we can't complain. So headed home and woke up on new years eve. Surfed and hung out all day and now we are blogging before we head out and have some fun. Its going to be a total gong show because there are about a million Indians who have shown up on the beach and there are about 2 million police with sticks (their version of billy clubs) so we'll stay off the beach and in a club having a few while we watch the police beat on the Indians (well hopefully that won't happen). Club???? Well not exactly its more like a restaurant that plays western music.

Well I'm out to get some dinner and then some drinks so I hope everyone has a great new years and look for our blogs tomorrow since I'm sure we'll have some good stories.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

glenn bodyboard? i just assumed you do as well in water as you do climbing fences.

anywya, hope your NYE is a gong show.


11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear stock option;

you have not posted in one week -------- i think your new years eve party was a little bit too much fun? (did you go hobbit tipping in an indian jungle?).

who gets optimus prime in your will?

hope all is well- take care of yourself ----- *identity blocked to protect my identity*

11:29 AM  

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