Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dinners with the British girls

So over the last couple of days we have been hangin with four Brits. We normally meet for dinner and hang out. Well the first night we went for dinner we had to wait uber long for our grub to show up. Well after about an hour and a half the proper brits started to lose it. Gone was their politeness and good manners and out came evil Brits. They started yelling at the kitchen and the waiters. It was hardcore but our food came out pretty fast after that so I wasn't complaining. Well it turns out one of the salads came out to one of the girls and she wasn't impressed with the grated cabbage and carrots so she picked it up and stormed into the kitchen. All I see is arms going up and down and then I see Alex, one of the Brits, throw the food on the poor guy. Well I'm glad I had all my food at that time and Alex did get another salad I'm just not sure what they put into it. As you can imagine there was no tip left.

Well last night was nothing special to report until we started to see this dancing start around a fire. Hey no big deal except this people were on some type of drugs and they were going nuts. Well the Brits are poking fun at them and all of a sudden one of them says "Glenn come on lets see your moves". Bad move cause I was in. I actually walked onto the dance floor pushed people out of the way (all three of them) and then I threw down the best leg grab of all time and threw it down. People from other tables started to look at me and people started cheering. I danced like a crazy monkey for a good solid two minutes and then ran out of energy and had to leave the dance floor to people clapping. Once again I've made an ass of myself to please other people. We'll have to see what tonight will be since I'm sure Rob will have us lined up for dinner with them as well.



Blogger Summers said...

Rob's takin' care of dinner plans because he doesn't want you to make him dance! HAH HAH!!!

9:01 AM  

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