Friday, January 13, 2006

India gives me an earache, from Rob

I don't mean figuratively. I literally have an ear infection, likely caused from swimming in the ocean. I went to the doctor 3 times (2 of them hung over btw) and he prescribed antibiotics, some ear drops, a decongestant, a B complex vitamin, and some other pill which I couldnt remember what it was for. Add to all those pills 2 ibuprofen and my malaria pill and it makes a complete meal. The doctor cleaned my ears out which was incredibly painful. I think usually in western countries they just squirt warm water in and rinse the wax out, but here he just scrapped it out manually. There was one nurse holding my head, presumably to prevent my from jamming my eardrum into the doctors knife or whatever medieval implement he had in there. I can't describe how much it hurt, but he seemed to enjoy my discomfort anyway. Afterward he showed me what came out. That was the only cool part. I think that stuffing things in your ears might be a good way to smuggle drugs or whatever--not that I have been trying to think of ways of doing that. Don't get worried or anything. Anyway, I think my ear will get better soon since we won't have to stay up late drinking and what not.


Blogger Summers said...

That is so hilarious in a gross and distrurbing sorta way! I "hear" ya about the amount of stuff that you could probably fit in your ears. It's kinda weird. Of course they say nothing smaller than your elbow in your ear, right?

9:12 AM  

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