Friday, January 06, 2006

A little competion can't hurt you

Well I'm in the process of getting myself back into shape so every morning I head out for a run. I haven't run in almost 2 months so I'm a little out of shape and I can't stand it and I know why people hate running it totally sucks when you aren't in shape. Well I've been out for 9 runs since Christmas day but yesterday turned into a little more then a run for me.

I was coming back to our hotel when I spotted this white dude with his shirt off running about 700m in front of me. First thing that crosses my mind is wow a white dude running wierd. The second thing that comes into my mind is that dude is 700m in front of me and I'm going to catch him. Let me tell you that before I saw this runner I wasn't feeling very well and my mind was convincing me that this running this was way over rated. Well once I spotted this guy all pain went out the window and I switched into race mode. I started picking it up and closed the gap quickly, my body was know listening to my mind and my mind had one thing in it. Beat this guy and make sure I don't looking hurting when I go by him. The whole point is to look like its a walk in the park when you go blowing by someone on an easy run. Well when I get close to him (he has no idea I'm coming) he starts racing the local kids so I get in my mind that its time to blow by this guy so thats what I do.

I pass him and just turn and toss out a friendly "Hey man where ya from" and pull ahead waiting to see what he will do. He's not into running with me and shouts as I start to put distance on him "I'm from Ohio". I chuckle to myself and head around the corner and up a street then totally slowed down and easily jogged back home.



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