Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Lunch

How should I start this post. Oh I know by telling you something that my mother said to me today when I spoke to her on the phone this morning. It was Christmas eve back home and she was telling me that the next day they were having brussel sprouts tomorrow for dinner. Now must people think they are gross and I can see why but I actually really like them and I couldn't believe that my mom was rubbing it in that she was having turkey dinner with all the fixings. I mean she is my mother she isn't supposed to do stuff like that she is supposed to feel really bad that I don't get to have turkey with the family. So mom I hope you read this post because I got my brussel sprouts as well as a lot more.

After I spoke with my parents, sonja, and my sister I was thinking what the heck are we going to do today. Rob came up with the idea that we should find a turkey dinner and go from there. Well we called around and found a Christmas 5 course lunch at a swank 5 start hotel. It was only going to cost us 650rs each which is a lot but you have to remember we didn't buy anyone Christmas presents so this is cheap. Rob and I both need a serious shave so we cruise over to the barber and get our faces scraped then we walk across the road and buy nice shirts because we are going to a five star hotel so we had better look the part.

With our new shirts and our new faces we decide to head over to the hotel. Once we arrive we are in a different India from the one that we have been in the rest of the time. This place has AC and they are using it, good thing too because we are sweating. We find the resturant, one of four in this hotel, and sit down in the plush seats. The waiter is at our table in a second and invites us to check out the buffet. We have a look and its game on we are ready to attack this buffet. It had the following items:
-Roast duck and lamb
-Mussels and calamari
-15 different kinds of salads
-Roast Turkey
-Brussel sprouts
-8 different high quality deserts
-A whole pile of different high quality rices and pastas
-Smoked salmon (we didn't touch it)

I'm a sucker for buffet in Canada but I'm an even bigger sucker for turkey 5 star hotel buffet in India cooked by a real chef. I think my first plate was just different kinds of meat. I know if I was a veg I would think thats gross but really its not when you consider we haven't had beef or duck or lamb in 2 months and this stuff was actually properly cooked. You have to remember there was turkey too so my plate was stuffed to the brim. After I sat down I realized that I had missed the open appies so thats what the second plate had a fair share of as well as more turkey. Funny story with the guy cutting the turkey, I think this was his first time because he was butchering this poor bird and whenever he was putting the turkey on my plate he was shaking. Third plate was salads and turkey as well as a pile of brussel sprouts and a sprinkling of duck and lamb. Fourth plate had pickles and pickled onions with some type of favoured beef.

Then came the three courses of deserts. Course one was everything at the desert table plus homemade icecream. Second course was all the chocolate dishes again. The last course was more chocolate and a really full belly. The whole time we were having the meal the kept our glasses full of champagne. Rob order coffee and it came in a bodem and said it was dam good.

So what were going to do with our bellies now that they were full? Well since we were at a five star hotel we might as well check out the pool. Yup we spent the afternoon lounging beside the pool and drinking gin and tonix. Now we are at home blogging and then at 8pm we are meeting another traveller for some beer and mayb some dinner if I can find room for it. Hope everyone has a good turkey dinner because we sure did.



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