Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hey so um by the way..., from Rob

We forgot to tell most of you that we were going to the south of India where it is warm. Well we are here now. Yesterday we flew from Varanasi to Delhi, stayed overnight at our favourite hotel (The Rak International) and ate at our favourite nice resturant (Metropolis), then we flew today from Delhi to Cochin. For those of you who dont have a map, we just moved from the middle of the north east of India, down to about 150km from the southern tip on the west side of India.
We really wanted to be somewhere warm for Xmas, and it is definitely that! It is also super humid, like being in the shower. Just sitting here at 11pm right now it is probably 27 celsius and I am sweating. As if typing is hard excercise or something.
I think we will stay here for a few days and make plans for what we want to do. Tomorrow we plan on renting bikes, motor or green we are not sure, then taking a ferry to a neighboring island and checking it out. Supposedly there is a nice beach that we can vegitate on. Also while we are out we need to go to the local fish market to pick the fish we want cooked for us for dinner. I think I am going to like it here. The people seem way more laid/layed(?) back and less aggressive to sell you stuff you don't want. Its also really nice to see the ocean again. Cocchin is a major port full of freighters and real boats next to crappy little Indian ones. It will be a real nice change to have fish on the menu instead of just the usual chicken and occaisionaly mutton. I think the waiter we had the other day was taken aback when Glenn excitedly asked if the steak on the menu was cow.


Blogger Summers said...

Sounds very cool and probably a great place for photos; the city and the island beach of course. Lots more touristas down there?

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sounds like a lovely place to spend Christmas. Better than the soggy rain here. But we miss you!!

7:54 AM  

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