Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas plans

Today is Christmas Eve here in India and we are both boiling to death because of the heat here. It is awesome being in a place like this for Christmas. You have no tacky Christmas music, no crazy ladies on the streets who have to buy three more presents in the next 5 minutes, no oversize ladies squizing into undersize christmas party dresses, and none of that horribly tasting fruit cake. Why in the world do people make that stuff it tastes like crap. I could go on a serious rant about fruit cake but I'll leave it at that.

So our plan for Christmas day? Well we are going to open our presents, eat the sweats that we got in our stocking, have a big breakfast and fall asleep on the coach while mom makes a killer christmas dinner. Wait......I'll restart this for the Indian plan not for the plan that I would have at home. Here is what I have planned for Christmas day.

I have contacted my old roomates in Victoria whom I used to live with in what was known as the runners house. We have all agreed that since we are in different parts of the world we should all go for a run and report back on where we ran, the weather, how out of shape we are, and pretty much anything else. So I plan on going for a run on Christmas morning and then Rob and I will go eat some breakfast and from there I don't know what we will do. One plan has us going to a cooking course and another has us renting motorbikes and ripping around on the island and maybe hitting the beach. The only thing I do know is I'll be making some calls to people back home actually to be totally honest I'll only be calling a couple of people (Sonja, my parents, and my sister, and possibly one other person).

The weather here is currently a hundred degrees and the humidity is around a billion over the normal level but I can't complain because its not raining. Instead of turkey this year I think Rob and I are going to have a massive seafood feast but we'll have to wait and see.

OK I'm out so everyone have a wonderful Christmas



Anonymous Adam said...

Have a good one buddy.

I'll be thinking of you whilst I'm chilling in my la-z-boy.

12:02 PM  

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