Sunday, December 25, 2005

More thoughts on the dowry issue

Well I've had some really funny comments from friends on my thoughts about dowries. Rob has told me that if we could get dowries he would be more inclined to be into this whole marriage thing. So what I will do is post the emails that I have received but I will change the names in the emails because I haven't asked for permission from those people to post their emails. What I'll do instead is change the names to my sister Michelle and myself. Gross I know but I needed names people can't really place so here we go:

email number 1:

oh dude ' the dowry line' is your greatest idea ever ----- just think how
beautiful it wokrs as a comeback to the following bullshit

example 1:
girl: "sorry but i was raised old fashioned
believing the man should pay for everything"

glenn: "oh, ok, well I'm glad you're old fashion, it'll help you understand
a little thing called dowries"

example 2:
After re reading the email I can't post this one lol

Email number 2
Glenn I’ll be honest the dowry thought…Golden. Man my random thoughts had been going as well…I was thinking whenever I actually meet a girl I want to marry I’m going to ask her dad’s permission. He probably won’t like me for some reason but asking for his daughter’s hand may gain me some points, if he does like me this will get me in the will. When I get the approval that’s when I toss out the dowry request…I’ll ask for a fly fishing equipment, that way when I’m married and I want to get away I’ll say to the wife “I’m going to go fly fishing, your dad will be insulted if I don’t use his gift”, then I’ll probably go get drunk in some little town with a strip joint…you should ask for fly fishing gear as well that way we can meet up. I’m also going to ask for him to work for me 1 hour a day, that way I’ll be able to keep in shape instead of having to come home and fix the sink or something like that.


Rob thinks that we men should start a lobby group and get organized and maybe we can make some changes to our beliefs. I hope you enjoyed those thoughts from my friends.



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