Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Random Runner

Random Runner
So on Friday I went out for a run by myself at Hyde park. On Thursday I had written in my training log that I was having trouble getting motivated to run. Well Friday turned things around. I got into the park and started running and I'm not kidding you I was less then two minutes into my run when all of a sudden there was this dude running beside me. I was totally shocked so I put in a surge which he matched, so I thought to myself that this dude was for real and I thought I should stop being a runner snob and talk to him. I throw down the "Hey hows it going", classic Canadian line expecting a "Good" back. No all I got was this blank stare. Let me first describe this guy to you. He is decked out in Adidas gear in newer running shoes and he is African of some kind (hope thats a little pc). So I thought to myself I might be with some really fast dude because a lot of agents have athletes from other countries living in London so that they can get to all the races around Europe. Its not that strange really our own famous 800m Canadian record holder Dianne Cummins spends a lot of time in London. So here he goes leading me around Hyde park the way that he wants to go.

On one of the hills I think to myself "I'm fresh right now and I don't know how long he has been running for so I think I'll let him know that I'm not some standard chump who is out for a run." I throw down a solid surge and drop him like he is dead weight. This is bad because he is the only person I know in London who runs. I'm super down on myself realizing that I just drop this random runner. So I finish my first loop and do a second and almost near the end of my loop near the famous speakers corner is my random runner waiting for me. He flags me down and in broken english introduces himself as Ali. Thats all I get out of his ramblings is that his name is Ali and that I should meet him tomorrow at 10am for a run. I tell him my name and I take off to finish my run.

Saturday 10am:
I meet him in the park and we head off on our run. He has learned a little more english and tells me his name is Ali and he lives in Dubai but he is Kenyan (I think but I'm not sure) and he is here to run the marathon. So we do a loop and he uses hand signs to tell me he ate to much and his belly is sore. So we end the run after one loop. He tells me that tomorrow we do two loops. All sign language that I try to figure out and I think I'm doing a good job.

Sunday 11am:
We meet again and do two loops the second loop he drops back and I have to wait for him at one point to let him catch up. I'm starting to think that he may not be a super fast runner anymore but I can not complain because once again he is the only person I know in London who runs. I leave him after two loops with the thought that we will meet on Monday at 12.

Monday Noon:
We meet and he tells me that we are going to do one loop but quicker so I lead the way and once again I drop him. Today he says his stomach is sore from eating again but we finish but one problem I will not be able to meet him for a week because I have other commitments that I have to do during the day. Thankfully I am smarter then the next guy as I had already thought of this and I brought along a piece of paper that I had drawn out a calendar on and I put the that I would be away. So after our run I had to explain to him that I would be gone for a week and I will meet him next Monday at noon in Hyde park. So now I have this friend who does not speak english but he is a running buddy at least.


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