Thursday, June 02, 2005

Finally a good time

Well I went down to Seattle yesterday to race a high performance 800m. A long drive with some good friends to arrive at a school that was hosting the meet. The meet was the most low budget meet I think I have ever been to. No thats not true but based on the times the promoter was boasting to have coming to this meet I expected it to be a little more high profile. This was an all comers meet which means any tom, dick, or harry can run. Its a great way for the locals to get out and have fun at the track. I love to see these meets but I'm not writing a blog about all comer meets I'm blogging about this meet.

We get out of our car and there is, no kidding, 15 people at the track nothing else. Normally if you go to a track meet where people are chasing fast times there are lots a guys around. No luck yesterday. The race director approached us with the start list and man was it ever loaded with fast dudes. I was in this uber fast heat with the rabbit going through in 52 seconds for 400m and he would be stepping off the track at 600m. My coached freaked and moved me to the second heat, something about me not being that fit for that speed this early in the season. I grumbled and agreed to run in the second heat. Well they combined the heats so we were ready to roll.

I got out quickly and came around the corner in fourth, felt good through 200 and was in good place through 400. Split 54 high, just where I wanted to be. Got boxed in from 400 to 500m when I busted out of the box into lane 3 passed a couple of guys, hit 600m at 1.23 then started to roll, I hicked onto the lead pack and with 120m drop the hammer and picked up second place with a time of 1.52.9 the fourth time I have been under 1.53 so I was totally pummped.


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