Sunday, July 09, 2006

Zidane you are crazy

What in the world was Zidane thinking today during the world cup. That head butt was totally uncalled for if you really want to hurt him go ahead and give him a serious kick or punch him in the face but to head butt his chest. What the heck was that? He is an amazing player who makes amazing passes but this was totally silly and just does not make any sense. What did the other player say to him that would have set him off like that? Very strange move by Zidane but a fantastic good game to watch. Too bad it had to end in penalty kicks but that is the game of football. Sonja and I met with a large group and had a bbq before the game and then we sat around and watched and cheered for both sides. It has been an amazing experience to be in Europe for the world cup and seeing how crazy everyone is about their country as well as football.


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