Monday, July 24, 2006


Well this past week has been one of many chances in my life. I will go into more depth maybe next week but one of the chances has been Sonja and I moving to a new flat. I think is the first real flat that the both of us actually thinks is nice. Normally we live in cheap student housing because we are both bloody cheap. Well this time our new place is freaking awesome. In fact I am so proud of it I invite any of you crazy Canadians to come visit us at our new place. If you come we will have a nice dinner for you in our really huge kitchen and you can stay on our fold out coach. OK its not a separate bedroom but you have to remember where we are living. London just happens to be the most expensive place in the world and we chose a really nice location. Finally I think we may go ahead and actually buy some new stuff to put on the walls and maybe even buy a table cloth.

This past week has been a busy one for both Sonja and I. Sonja has finished teaching for this year and now she is planning on going on vacation to Greece and Croatia while I am planning on going back to Victoria for two weeks.

This past weekend was magnificent as well as Sonja and I traveled up to Cambridge to go punting as well as look at all the old university dorms. The places that some of these students stay at are amazing, I really am very jealous as I always wanted to stay in a castle and that is what some of these places look like. Hopefully everyone is handling the massive heat wave that they are dealing with. Last week it was a solid 36 C here in London.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

glenn you bastard,

beaks is here and he wont type politely. well where do i start? i am cathcing up on your blog, so my comment is about a post that is like 3 or 4 old now.

anyway, i am reading away, and glenn saqui says he saw [techincally heard] pink floyd in concert. well my heart would have stopped, as they would be the band of 'em all i would want to see live that i haven't,,, but i know enough to know this can't be.

first of all after the Live-8 deal last year Gilmour said it was a one off thing and that he had no interest in sharing the stage with Waters. Bopth Waters and Gilmour are on solo tours now, competing against each other in a way if anything.

So I looked up what you were at, and Gilmour was not there, Wright was not there, and of course Syd was forever away (but thats a whole different debate about who is the pink floyd).

Drummer Nick Mason did join Roger Waters' show for the second half on Sat. July 1st, yes.

Well, we can't all know everything, so I will excuse your ignorance on claiming you saw Pink Flyod, but there is something that is more important than that anyway.

Since you in fact did think it was Pink Floyd, how the hell did you rationalize not watching but "sitting outside and just listening for those who didn't want to see them" or whatever you said.

When we shared a room I had Pink Floyd playing (it was a bootleg of a live show) you claimed it was one of the best naps of your life, you loved the little bird chirpin noises they had. I know you respect a good nap.

so now you know,
glad you're lovin' London, and congrats on the sweet sounding apprtment.

tell sonja i say hi, but don't just say i say hi, come up with something witty and funny in a satirical way and pretend i said it - maybe something to do with the time i broke into your place on campus, stoll your nsynch posters and replaced them with pictures of you, brent, mckenzie and babs


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