Thursday, November 23, 2006

An update from this side of the world

Well here is a quick update on the life of Glenn and Sonja.

We were lucky enough to have one of Sonja’s close friends come and stay with us for a week. It was awesome to have someone from back home here visiting us in the middle of November. Normally people come in the middle of summer as that tends to be the best weather but Felice, Sonja’s friend, lucked out and got dry weather the whole time she was here. We tons of fun stuff with Felice and sent her home early Sunday morning after we had taken her out all night to the clubs and the yummy street meat. After having anyone with you for so long tires you out and Sonja and I were both expecting to be able to take it easy on that Sunday when we were called by another friend of Sonja’s who needed a place to stay before flying home to Canada. So guess what we had to hang out with them as well. We had a nice visit but we were unable to get to bed before 10pm after the night before where we only had 4 hours sleep. I am not complaining but I would prefer if Sonja worked on staggering when her friends come to visit.

This year Sonja has had a cold every couple of weeks and again today she got up with a lost voice and a stuffy nose. I on the other hand have been lucky and I have not picked up any of her sickness. Sonja being sick all the time is taking away from her running but if she gets in she will be running the London marathon. Her goal is to just finish London and run a fast time in Berlin so that she can qualify to Boston. I keep telling her that Boston is super hilly but she has always wanted to run it so that’s what she wants that’s what she gets.

My running is coming along pretty well. I run to and from work everyday plus workouts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The run to work is 5.5 km so everyday I get at least 11km in. I love running to work because you get to rock up and have a nice warm shower before starting work instead of having to sit on the stinky tube and then get to work and not have a shower. The club that I am with race in a cross country league that has a race every other weekend so I have been doing those and have convinced Sonja that she needs to join so that she can come out and have as much fun as I do getting dirty. While at university we ran most of our races on golf courses or nice parks, here they know what the word cross country is and we run through some serious mud.

I am done Christmas shopping ha! Well except for Sonja as I don’t have any idea on what to get her this year. And to those that are thinking it I am not going to give her a ring for Christmas. This year Sonja and I are going to Morocco for Christmas so please join me on a Christmas day run. This is how it works: You run on Christmas day and then you email me where you ran, what time of day it was, who you were with, what the weather was and pretty much anything else that you want to tell me.

Well I’m off to work so I hope everyone has a great Friday


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