Monday, July 17, 2006

Why do muslims not eat pork?

This morning after my morning run with Sonja all I wanted to eat was bacon which lead me to think about this question. Why would any religion ban such a great food so I went on search for the answer. There are many answers to this question all based on the different readings from the different holy books. You have to remember that Jewish people do not each pork as well. So here is your answer:

Islam has prohibited things (from being used as edibles) due to their physical or spiritual uncleanness or due to the effects that they may have on the morality of an individual or a collectivity.

Pork has also been added to the list of these prohibitions of Islam. Due to this addition of pork in the Qur'anic list of prohibitions the Muslims do not eat pork. As far as the reasons for this disallowance or prohibition, the Qur'an has not clearly explained it. Nevertheless, because the Qur'an has clearly mentioned that the prohibitions are due to their inherent physical or spiritual uncleanness or due to the negative effects that something may have on the morality of individuals, it may be derived that the reason for the prohibition of pork also belongs to one of the two categories. However, as far as the specific reason for this prohibition is concerned, because the Qur'an has not mentioned it, therefore, I am not in a position to give any specific reason for it.

Food experts and those qualified in the field of studying the effects of various food items on human beings should try to determine the specific reasons for the prohibition of pork in the light of the above guidelines.

Another important aspect which should be kept in mind is that man has generally not used carnivorous animals as edibles. Lions, tigers, dogs, cats and the like are natural prohibitions, which man has generally not used for eating. Refraining to eat the meat of such animals is so obvious that man has, generally, not mistaken these animals as eatables. This is precisely the reason why there was no reason for the Shari`ah (the Islamic law) to explicitly include it in its list of prohibitions. The case of swine is a little confusing, as it is an omnivorous. Due to this fact, it was not easy for man to make a decision regarding its allowance or prohibition, on his own. It is due to this reason that the Shari`ah has given an explicit directive in this regard and thereby has explicitly prohibited the flesh of swine


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