Thursday, June 15, 2006

England is freaking crazy over football

England is absolutely nuts when their team is playing football. I was in Norwich the other day visiting a potential client and afterwards the sales guy and myself had dinner at a local restaurant. Sadly the place didn’t have any televisions or I would have been able to watch the game but we were close to local strip of bars. Each bar was over flowing with people all dressed in red and white and drinking hard. Really no difference then what Canada would be like if we were playing the Russians or the Americans in hockey the only difference is what happened after the game was over.

In Canada if our team wins all the drunks hug each other and play street hockey. Here they throw stuff at police, punch each other, and other really crazy stuff. This county is football crazy. So after I learned the train wasn’t going to come for another hour I headed to one of the local watering holes. Inside I grabbed a pint and looked around me and noticed that I was the only one wearing business clothes. I thought to myself that if I don’t make conversation soon I maybe killed or be totally bored for the next hour. As you can imagine I made the right decision and started chatting to the closest England fans, wait they are all crazy English fan so I didn’t have to go far. My line was easy, “This may sound really stupid but I’ve been in a meeting all day and I’m dieing to know who won the game?” They looked at me like I was crazy so I quickly changed my tune and said, “Well it had better be England because that would add to a perfect week. The bloody Americans lost the other day and you know how happy that makes a Canadian and if the England won that would top this week off.” This seemed to make them happy the fact that I was cheering for their boys and the fact that I detested the Americans

Well they decided to take the piss out of me and started ripping into me about the fact that Canada isn’t that good at football. Well I had the last laugh on that one when I pointed out that they were playing with one of ours. I said our guy sat on their bench and even got about eight minutes the other day. They didn’t like the fact that Owen Hargraves is Canadian or that he currently plays for Bayern Munich but I did point that he was ours. I must be a little proud of England seeing as Hargraves is Canadian and I kept pointing it out. They were kind enough to point out Lenix Lewis was Canadian but decided that he was British in the end. The only Canadian they knew who had made it huge was…..Ben Johnson. Those silly buggers that’s the best they could come up with. Well they had been drinking for a long time so I did what any British person would do in this situation (my fathers Scottish) swear up a storm and talk about how badly the English side played. This normally can get you out of pretty much any jam unless you are in Scotland and then they think you like England which is not a good thing up there.

The next English game is Tuesday but I’ll sadly be at practice so I’ll miss the crazy commotion. Missing this game is OK I’m told as England is through to the next round. Once in the next round we all have to cheer and watch our team play. A friend, Erin, works at Xerox and because the game was at 5 everyone was sent home at half four so that they could watch the game. Crazy country is all I have to say.


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