Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why can't all weekends by like the last

This past weekend it was super stellar in sunny London. For the last two weeks I have been living in Frankfurt working with a colleague/friend of mine Franky. Well Franky decided to come visit Sonja and I in London for the weekend and man did we ever have an awesome time. First I think I should preface this story with the fact that Frank and I were super stressed for the past two weeks because we were at one of the most important clients that we have so it was nice to have a weekend to unwind.

Saturday morning everyone jumped on the tube and headed to a massive food market where we spent the day buying food for dinner and eating yummy food as well as just hanging out in the sun. Well after we got home and had a nap it was time for a bbq in the park. Frank’s old roommate lives in London now so we called him up and a bunch of our friends and headed to the park (3 minute walk from my house). We bought a one use bbq from Marks and Spencer and sat down in the middle of the park. The sun was shinning, it was hot, there was food, and it is legal to drink in the park. The food was lamb sausages, homemade salad, crisps, baguettes, and humus. We were in the park relaxing and hanging out for a good couple of hours before we hit our local pub for a couple of drinks to end the night off.

The next day we met up with Sonja’s brother and his girlfriend and headed to the park for breakfast. Yup that’s right we had another picnic in the park but this time after we ate cheese and a really high end loaf of bread then read the paper and hung out in the park for the rest of the day. At 3pm we went for icecream and then a cheeky pint. We then came home for a drop dead spaghetti and that pretty much topped the weekend off. Franky went home the next morning and I had to go back to work after a nice two day vacation.


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It is amasing how a little sunshine can make for a great weekend.

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