Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Oh man I'm coming home for a short visit

Well I haven't mentioned it to anyone because I didn't want to get people excited but its looks like I'll be home in the middle of April and then again at the end of April. The exact dates of my time in Victoria are the following April 7,8,9 and then again 13,14,15 and I fly back to the UK on the 16th. I then will be back for a solid week at the end of april but those dates aren't finalized as of yet. I'm working on buying that ticket but these things cost a lot of money and I have to make sure I have enough in the back account to pay rent (yes I know highly over rated).

So my past week of running has been the following:
Monday: Easy 6km 32minutes
Tuesday: 55minutes to practice 12km then 5*600m with 60 seconds rest (1.47-50) then 2 minute rest then 5*500m then 35 minutes home. Total km for the day 25
Wednesday: 58 easy 14kms
Thursday: 35minutes to practice then 10*50 second hills 35 minutes back. 18km
Friday: Taken off because my km count for the week was climbing a little fast
Saturday: 20 warm up then 8 tempo, 3 down, 6 tempo, 2 1/2 down, 6 tempo, 1 1/2 min down, 5min tempo then 20 cool down. 16km
Sunday: Long slow run 86 minutes AHR 150 AKM:4:20

Total kms for last week was 99.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We'll have to compare heart rate monitor mileages the next time we're together. Sounds like you're enjoying your toy. Hey, why are you coming home twice in April? Are you still planning on being in Victoria for the May 6th wedding?

Auntie S-Mae

3:08 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Hey G, Sup Dawg...ahaha

Looks like a very solid week of training. some nice long runs with some good speed. I better get my act together. How fast you looking to go? sub 31? I should hope so. And why are you going back and forth, thats crazy, just call in sick if you have to work or something..hopefully they don't read this. Catch ya later.

4:02 PM  
Anonymous merm said...

Moneybags, must be some bartending job to fly to Canada twice in a month... I remember you were always joking about how fat you were during racing season. Well I am running about 40kms a week and I weigh about 150lbs. I have lost 10 pounds. I contribute it to eating at the hospital and not drinking as much. Just a random blog/comment/idea/view/statement or whatever else you calls this shit.

4:59 PM  

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